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We pride ourselves in supplying durable and sturdy blinds. We serve and install new blinds to all Austin, TX area. With a high variety of blinds. From Wood Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds and Aluminum. Have a custom frame you need fitted let us help. Call Today 281-235-4405

High Variety of Top Quality Blinds

Our selection of custom fit blinds is extensive. Choose Faux Wood for a Beautiful but Budget Conscious decision. Faux Wood has many benefits aside from being a more affordable option. You’ll get the same long lasting components in the headrail and the same safety features as our Wood Blinds. For a Richer Feel with an elegant look, choose our Wood Blinds. These blinds are a lighter in weight and offer a ridged feel that you only get with real wood. There are many options with Faux or Wood and we’ll be glad to discuss your choices in your free consultation. Choose a 2-½” blind for a shutter like look at a huge discount. Enjoy your views with a wider space between the slats, you’ll love it!

Call Us Today 281-235-4405 or Contact Us HERE for a FREE quote. Get started giving your windows the fashion style it deserves.


We carry numerous Aluminum, Wood and Faux Blinds products. Each with Matchless quality and numerous styles for color.

Moisture, Scratch and Dent Resistant
Durable Attractive Style
Energy Efficient Steel Head Rail
Style, Rail and Louver Type Products

Shapes & Sizes

Custom fit sizes for all our aluminum blinds can be custom fit for any shape or size.

1″ Aluminum Blinds
2″ Classic look for Any Window.
Perfect French Door & Smaller Window
Large Slat Sizes

Environmental Friendly

We carry beautiful earth friendly faux wood. Child and Pet Safe.

Finely Grained Wood
Patented Child Pet Safety Cord
Phoenix Wood (Captures more Carbon)

High Variety of Top Choices

popular brands

Our blind brand products we install use top of the line technology. From the headrails and slats, to hardware and bottom railing. Using natural toughness resisting dents and scratches for the long haul. Insta-Lock any blind position at any angle, without the frustrating tugging. Various colors, valances to choose from.



Woods Blinds combine the warmth of premium basswood with the proven performance of a superior window blind operating system. The result is classic styling, beautiful elegance and a lifetime of smooth operation.

High Quality


Faux Blinds offer a classic look that will complement any decor, the slats are made from heat and moisture resistant material, making the blinds ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and garages. Serving Austin and Surrounding Areas.

top brands

Aluminum Blinds

We pride ourselves in supplying durable and sturdy blinds. Using the newest designs with Sunland Shutters Extrusion Technology. All Rails are reinforced with Aluminum core.We serve all of Surrounding Austin Areas.

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